is currently Director of UX at Stink Studios, NY.

Maggie is a Brooklyn-based UX designer. Her approach to UX integrates creative strategy and traditional UX design in order to create boundary-pushing digital experiences. At Studios Studios, she leads the UX discipline while also working hands-on to research, concept, wireframe, prototype, test, and deliver active projects. 

Maggie’s nontraditional career has crossed the worlds of art, design, and technology. After working in New Media & Performance at MoMA, she managed the Chinatown studio of Terence Koh, a digital media, performance, and installation artist known for his subversive work. She later helped launch industrial design-inspired accessories line WXYZ, best known for creating Beyonce’s crown in the 7/11 music video and Childish Gambino’s headpiece for the ‘Awaken, My Love!’ album cover.

After her grandmother went suddenly blind, Maggie started researching and creating ad-hoc tools to improve her day-to-day life. It was through this research that she first encountered UX, and she was immediately drawn to the unique combination of design, technical knowledge, and creative strategy that great UX requires. Through years of on-the-job learning and mentorship from UX leaders, she grew her skills as a designer, eventually landing at Stink Studios in the fall of 2015. In the last four years, Maggie has grown Stink’s UX practice and overseen a wide range of work for clients including Pitchfork, Chobani, The Wall Street Journal, Spotify, Twitter, Facebook, and Google.

Her work has been recognized by The Webbys, Awwwards, FWA, and Communication Arts, and has been featured in The New York Times, The Verge, Adweek, Fast Company, and Time, among others. In her OOO time, she has hosted a series of talks around creativity and insanity with speakers like Jon Ronson and Blood Orange, mentored up-and-coming UX designers, and served as an advisor for nontraditional art spaces, like Elsewhere (NC).